Are you a buyer looking to finance your dream collectible car?

Have you ever dreamed of a coastal holiday, touring the peninsulas in your 2001 BMW M5? Or cruising down the highway in your 1979 Porsche 911? Collectable Car Financial Services makes those dreams into a reality by offering our clients to finance their dream vehicle without the age limits imposed by traditional finance houses and banks.

Financing a vehicle has always been a liability, as they depreciate in value from the minute you leave the dealership. However, Collectable Car Financial Services only finances appreciating collectible cars.

The biggest risk when purchasing a classic or collectible vehicle comes with not knowing the history of the vehicle and understanding its strengths and weaknesses. Our hand-selected panel of experts is available to consult on every single purchase. These experts take an in-depth look at the condition, mileage, history, model and desirability of each vehicle to ensure quality investment opportunities.

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