Our Vision

South Africa’s leading financial solution-driven provider and the most preferred financer due to our stability, growth and return on investment. We intend setting the standard in the industry with our well-structured and convenient model.

Our Mission

To provide our investors, clients, and employees with a future in smart investments. Our resilience in the face of change is paramount to sustaining superior performance.

Our Value Proposition: SMART

  • Setting the industry standard for quality investment solutions
  • Maintaining integrity in all of our business practices
  • Actualizing our clients dreams
  • Remaining on top of the industry trends and opportunities
  • Treating each investment opportunity with equal professionalism and care

Group Overview

Your Future in Smart Investments Starts Here.

Collectable Car Financial Services (Pty) Ltd is an asset-based entrepreneurship that continuously re-invests in appreciating collectible cars.

We offer bespoke finance solutions for individuals wanting to invest in collectible vehicles. We offer our clients exclusive access to a hand-selected panel of experts available to asses and consult on each purchase to ensure quality investment opportunities. Unlike modern vehicles, Collectable Car Financial Services offers its clients the opportunity to invest in vehicles that appreciate in value each year.

How do we choose the right cars?

Our company provides the unique service of vetting the cars in question by way of a hand-selected panel of renowned industry experts. What this equates to, is that the client and the finance company benefit by only financing true collectible vehicles that are seen to be risers in value. This of course goes much further, where every car is scrutinised on parameters such as condition, mileage, history, model, desirability and worldwide trends. What this does too, is give the buyer being financed confidence in their purchase decision.